Trail description.

At the beginning and end of this panoramic hike, you can use the cable cars to Bannalp and/or from Ristis down to Engelberg. On the Oberfeld Alp, the friendly mountain restaurant serves its own products, including goat’s cheese, meat and yoghurts.

Towards the end of the tour, tired hikers can fortify themselves in the Brunnihütte. On the "Kitzelpfad" Kneipp trail around Lake Härzli next to the Brunnihütte SAC, you can treat yourself to a well-earned refreshment. Once you have recovered a little and regained your strength, you can start your final descent to Ristis (chairlift as an alternative). The cable car takes you to Engelberg.

You can see the SwitzerlandMobility digital maps for the topography, pictures and further details about the route. You can read about exhilarating moments along the Walenpfad trail in the Spot Magazine.

Combined tickets are also available.

Our Walenpfad trail transport partners offer a round-trip ticket for Zentralbahn, PostBus and the Bannalp and Engelberg–Ristis cable car routes.

Services included:

  • Zentralbahn Wolfenschiessen–Engelberg
  • Engelberg–Ristis cable car
  • Chrüzhütte–Fell cable car (Bannalp–Oberrickenbach)
  • PostBus Oberrickenbach–Wolfenschiessen

Do you use the SBB app or do you have a valid zone ticket from the Passepartout fare network for the PostBus and the train route? In this case, you can take advantage of the “2-Bergbahn” ticket.

Services included:

  • Engelberg–Ristis cable car
  • Chrüzhütte–Fell cable car (Bannalp–Oberrickenbach)

You can get the round-trip ticket and the “2-Bergbahn” ticket directly from  Zentralbahn Travel Centres, from the ticket machines at Wolfenschiessen station, on the Postbus from Wolfenschiessen and from the Bannalp and Brunni- Bahnen Engelberg AG cableways.

Important information.

Travel conveniently to Engelberg on the Luzern–Engelberg Express with Zentralbahn. The free local bus takes you to the valley station of the Brunni cable car (approx. 20 minutes on foot).


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Walenpfad trail. The majestic nature of the Swiss Alps.

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