Zentralbahn employees work to achieve our vision: “Zentralbahn – the pearl among railways in Switzerland.” We want our passengers and partners to have an outstanding travel experience. Within the industry, we want our corporate culture, services, production and infrastructure to be seen as exemplary. A high level of attractiveness as an employer and an excellent recommendation rate are equally important to the company. 

In this video, we set out our vision for our employees.

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Company promise.

For our journey into the future, the Zentralbahn management has defined a company promise: “On the right track” (“Hin und weg”), a play on words suggesting that Zentralbahn impresses both its customers and employees while also taking them reliably to where they want to be. 

Core values.


It is important for employees to come together and work together, cultivating an open, respectful and solution-orientated spirit of collaboration.


The next stop on our journey will be reached when all employees are acting effectively, with the team creating added value through committed and  professional conduct.


Thinking outside the signal box produces surprising ideas that are clever, courageous and impressive, for both employees and customers.

Strategic thrusts.

Impressing passengers with charm and reliability.

While allowing for the needs of commuters, Zentralbahn is boosting its marketing of leisure travel in the regional, national and international segments, offering a unique travel experience.

Maintaining and expanding high-quality mobility services.

In close cooperation with its regional partners, Zentralbahn is proactively promoting demand-driven combined mobility services. We achieve this with a fleet that can be deployed flexibly and facilities that are appropriate to needs.

Building up knowledge and developing staff as an attractive employer.

Zentralbahn promotes modern, value-oriented work and is establishing itself as an employer of choice. Employees can take advantage of the opportunities and resources available to them to work towards a successful future.

Setting the course for a more sustainable future for the railway company by reducing emissions and optimising energy consumption.

Zentralbahn is improving its cost-recovery ratio in the long term, while also acting in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Using data from various sources profitably and establishing a culture capable of dealing with change.

Zentralbahn is taking a proactive approach to the increasing complexity of managing data and systems. It promotes sensible, secure and professional handling of data and uses it as the basis for informed decision-making.